Care instructions

Here are some general guidelines for caring for your So Sloe clothes. 

As all products are hand made there are no care labels attached. The main fabrics I use are cotton, polyester fleece and wool. If you are unsure about anything then feel free to ask me (or google!) but generally speaking:


For best results, machine wash cotton items inside out in cold or warm water (do not use hot water as cotton may shrink). Air dry. 


Turn inside out and wash on a gentle cycle with cool (or cold) water and mild detergent. Fabric softener and fleece are NOT friends and should not be used together! Air dry


Wool does not need to be washed too often and benefits from being aired out in some warm sunshine. When it is time to wash, hand wash in COLD WATER using a wool friendly detergent (liquid is usually best as the powdery ones might not dissolve as well in cold water). Be gentle! Air dry flat. 


Avoid detergents that contain bleach ingredients (such as napisan etc) as they may affect the colours. 

A general rule; step away from the tumble dryer! None of the fabrics I use particularly enjoy the tumble dryer and are at higher risk of possible shrinkage and misshaping.  Dryers are also an extra energy drain and so if you are able to avoid using one then that is always best.